Warmth for Ukraine

We are collecting Quilts for Ukrainian Families coming to Canada. 

We are partnered with the Ukrainian Canadian Congress Provincial Councils
in Alberta and Ontario

For more information or to donate email us at

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Wrapping up our Winter Campaign  

Winter Quilts

Over the winter Blankets of Love has gifted over 500 quilts to patients in

hospital facing challenges with mental health across Canada.

A huge thank you to all of the talented quilters.

 Blankets of Love are distributed to hospitals in

Edmonton, Ponoka, Calgary and Saskatoon. 

WITH NEW programs to begin in Vancouver, Toronto and the Niagara Region

To donate a quilt contact:

 Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto - Sheila - 

Calgary - Robin Morrison - 

Saskatoon - Flo Wagner - 

Niagara Region - Theresa Carnegie -

 To donate to a hospital near you contact

BLANKETS OF LOVE FOUNDATION FOR MENTAL HEALTH is a grassroots charitable organization led and operated by volunteers.

Financial contributions by individuals or companies are greatly appreciated. 

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Blankets of Love Bigger.png
Colorful Threads

For some a struggle does ensue

As years begin their toll

Minds seared with pain and breaking

Hard tearing of the soul.


It’s at these times, perhaps a hint

Of humanness and care

Delivered to the suffering

Will bring light to darkness there.

The story goes some years ago

A Mom with hurting heart

Picked up a quilt her Grandma’d made

She feared she’d break apart.


As she held the quilt about her

Wrapped it gently round her being

She felt a peace and love intense

Cared for, sight unseeing.


And so the project started

Would those given such a gift

A Blanket of Love of their own

Feel a momentary lift?


Blankets of Love, over decades now

Collects quilts made by all volunteers

Delivered to those with mental illness

Bringing kindness through the tears.

Those who sleep under a quilt, sleep under a 

Blanket of Love


The Blankets of Love Foundation for Mental Health is a national charitable organization that provides quilts to patients who are in hospital for the treatment of mental illness.

By doing this we aim to help patients in their time of need. Quilts are handcrafted by people in the community and

then generously donated to Hospitals that offer

mental health services across Canada.

To donate a Blanket of Love at a hospital near you contact:


Blankets of Love Big Clean.png

comments from patients

"I can't believe someone made a quilt just for me, when they gave it to me I asked if I had to give it back. they said 'no, it is your's to keep'."

Image by Petr Sevcovic

"I love my special quilt. thank you for making me a Blanket of Love"

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