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Those who sleep under a quilt, sleep under a 

Blanket of Love


The Blankets of Love Foundation for Mental Health is a national charitable organization that provides quilts to patients who are in hospital for the treatment of mental illness.

By doing this we aim to help patients in their time of need. Quilts are handcrafted by people in the community and

then generously donated to Hospitals that offer

mental health services across Canada.

To donate a Blanket of Love at a hospital near you contact:


What we need.

The goal of the Blankets of Love Foundation is to secure quilts on a regular basis to provide comfort for patients at hospitals across Canada. Patients in hospital for the treatment of a mental illness rarely receive cards, gifts or flowers and  many are alone.          

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What do we do?

A Blanket of Love offers a tangible means of comfort to someone in need.  


Who we help.

Mental illness affects one in five individuals.  The good news is that many mental illnesses are treatable with the proper medical and community supports.  

Today there is still a stigma associated with mental illness. Comments like "get a grip, stop feeling sorry for yourself, or snap out of it" are not helpful to those who have a mental illness. Whether you experience mental health challenges or know a loved one who does, we can work together to remove stigma. 


How you can help

You can make a quilt or purchase a quilt from a bedding store. Quilting classes are popular; you can join a class with some friends and make a quilt together. Quilting Guilds can participate by donating charity quilts to Blankets of Love.

Making a financial donation to the Blankets of Love will ensure we can continue to provide this valuable program. Click on the donate button above or send an etransfer to: 

As the need grows in our community for more mental health resources,  Blankets of Love founded the Centre for Online Mental Health Support, COMHS. 


Together they will offer a variety of free sessions online for different groups who may need mental health support during tough times.

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"It helps me when I am not feeling so great."


"I was given a special quilt and told me it was made just for me to help me get through my dark days with depression. I cried and couldn't believe someone would make something so nice for me."


"I love my special quilt. When my mood is low and I feel lonely, the quilt is a source of comfort."

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